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Availability of the largest number of welding machines in the country. We have a selection of equipment of 400 AMP to 600 AMP with an output of 110 VOLTS and 220 VOL. Also, available welding cable of up to 100 meters in length. Various machines are skid mounted and spark arrested and has water or air coolant systems, depending on the job or requirement. We ensure the "safety"  for the equipment required by you.

Advantages of this machine:
  • Withstands rough field handling, protecting internal parts.
  • Select either a soft "buttering " are or a snappy "digging " are for fast, high-quality welding.
  • Large- capacity DC weld output makes the SAE-400 the No. 1 choice for  multiple arcs with the Multi-weld 350 system.
  • Brands available are like Lincoln, Miller etc.
  • Our machines are insured & certified.
  • Maintenance is our scope
  • Replacement facility (if breakdown takes more than one day for repair).
Terms and Conditions:
  • Payment:                      As per the Rental Agreement.
  • Delivery:                       Against LPO/subject to availability.
  • Accessories:                  Maximum 25 m cables.  
  • In case of machine breakdown contact details will be mentioned in the quotation or rental agreement.
  • Off-hire notice should be faxed at least 1 day before the rental termination.
  • Machine mobilization and demobilization charges shall be extra, depending upon capacity and location.
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